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Jeffrey Jr (JJ)


About JJ

Jeffrey Jr (JJ) is our oldest son and our miracle boy. “JJ” his rare neurological condition causes severe speech disorders, seizures, cyclical vomiting, and intellectual disability. Our Son is a CHAMP1ON who fought for his life the minute he was born and we have never stop fighting for him since.

He shows unconditional love, forgiveness, and prays for everyone he meets. JJ is relentless! He has to fight for each gain or skill. A large part of his life revolves around doing all traditional therapies, alternative treatments and homeschool with his mom. 

Some of the biggest challenges he has are behavioral issues and because of his medically complex needs he requires 24/7 care and attention. He only sees the goodness in people and his smile is contagious. He is the hardest working seven year old we know and a true definition of a CHAMP1ON.

JJ's Story

Raising a Champ1on

We are so proud to be raising a CHAMP1ON. There are many ways you can make a difference by supporting the Champ1 Research Foundation to help find treatments for children affected by CHAMP1.

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